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Ready to tackle the UC Application process yourself? Get the information you need to put together the best possible UC Application and Personal Insight Questions response!

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Webinars Offered

“Thank you so much for taking your time to help inform the public about the UC system…. I gained a greater sense of how I can extend my essays to showcase my growth rather than merely saying what I have done.”
A. – October 9, 2018
“My daughter and I signed up for and participated in your webinar, we got the great news yesterday! She was accepted to UC Berkeley. I think your advise regarding what kind of information to put on the essay gave my daughter the confidence she needed in writing her essay.”
P. (parent) – May 6, 2017

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Winning Strategy for the UC Personal Insight Questions

Available year-round | $149 (freshman or transfer; must click “Return to Merchant” button on the payment confirmation page to receive recording access information)
Learn the strategy I use when working with my clients to produce a winning Personal Insight Questions response. That’s a $4,500 value condensed into a 60-minute presentation, all for only $149! As part of your purchase, you will receive a detailed companion handout with step-by-step instructions on how to deploy the strategy and develop your own winning Personal Insight Questions response. Over the past eight years, my clients were two to three times more likely than the average applicant to be admitted to the UC of their choice. Are you ready for the winning strategy that has helped my clients? Sign up now!

Freshman Supplemental Questionnaires

Available between December and February | $49 (schedule/tickets)
Learn what factors can trigger the freshman supplemental questionnaires and how best to address the request to improve or reinforce your academic and extracurricular qualifications.

Haas Supplemental Application

Available in January | $49 (schedule/tickets)
Receive an analysis of the Haas supplemental application essay prompt and learn strategies on how to highlight your qualifications in the essay and resume.

Waitlist Statements

Available between March and May | $49 (schedule/tickets)
Learn how the UCs utilize the waitlist and the best way to formulate a compelling waitlist statement to improve or reinforce your academic and extracurricular qualifications.


Available between March and May | $49 (schedule/tickets)
Learn how the UCs treat appeals and how best to present a persuasive case for UCs to reconsider your application.