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Webinars Offered

“Thank you, I watched the webinar which was excellent!”
K. (parent) – June 5, 2021
“It was fantastic and so helpful, thank you!”
S. (parent) – July 11, 2020

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Winning Strategy for the UC Personal Insight Questions

Available between June and November | $49
Learn the framework I use when working with my clients to produce winning answers to the Personal Insight Questions. That’s a $3,500 value condensed into a 40-minute presentation, all for only $49! You will also receive a companion handout that outlines all of the pertinent information you need to keep in mind when developing your own winning answers to the Personal Insight Questions. Over the past eight years, my clients were two to three times more likely than the average applicant to be admitted to the UC of their choice. Are you ready for the framework that has helped my clients? Sign up now!

Haas Supplemental Application

Available in January | $49
Learn the necessary steps to craft a winning response to the Haas essay prompt and strategies to develop a successful resume, plus the secrets on how best to attract Haas with your qualifications. Want to know how most of my clients get into Haas? Sign up now!

Options for HS Seniors After Unfavorable UC Admission Decisions

Available in April | $49
Learn what options are available to high school seniors after unfavorable UC admission decisions, including strategies for the UC waitlist/appeal, transfer from community college or another UC/4-year college, pitfalls to avoid when reapplying, how a gap year affects UC admission, and resources to locate colleges that are still accepting applications.