Freshman Services Testimonials

Freshman In-State UC Application Service


“I really appreciate all your help. I was very excited to find out I was also admitted to Cal [in addition to UCLA]!!!”
R. – March 30, 2017

“[We] are SUPER HAPPY to receive the notifications from UC Berkeley … I can not use any words to express THANK YOU. I am VERY appreciated what you worked with [him]. Without you (mentor), he won’t have such great opportunity got into the Great school. If I am right, so far, [he] is the only one [at his high school to have] received the EARLY admission notification from UC Berkeley and … [the] only one of his good friends [to have] received e-mail from UCLA (engineering EE) last week.”
C. (parent) – February 15, 2017

“I can’t thank you enough for all your patience, expertise and helpfulness. Your service is invaluable and I will be contacting you again when my son is ready to apply as a transfer. I very much appreciate everything you’ve done and I’m so thrilled with all of [her] choices [Davis, San Diego, Santa Barbra, and Santa Cruz]! Thank you, again and again!”
F. (parent) – March 31, 2016

“Thank you for your help this year with my personal statement. I was accepted by all the UC’s I applied to including Berkeley. I also received the Regents scholarship at several UCs including LA and San Diego. Thanks for helping me understand what the UCs were looking for in my application.”
R. – March 26, 2016

“At first I knew that I needed help in writing the personal essays. Writing is one of my biggest weakness. But after 3 days of reading feedback from twitter, yahoo, facebook and your own personal website, I realized that what you offer is an all inclusive package. It made me feel comfortable and secured that no matter what challenges I can encounter, I have an adviser who would strategically advise me on the steps I have to take…. At first I thought [the service] was too pricey. However, when we started the one on one personal service and the unlimited hours of thought exploration, I realized that I am getting good value for my money. Without your help, I wouldnt realize the importance of getting into another AP class. You also guided my mom on how to talk to school officials towards putting me in another AP class even if the semester has started already. You also advised me to re-take the ACT which resulted into a higher score. These little things I might not be able to figure out on my own but were very important factors on why I was admitted to a few UC schools…. I find that the flexibility of your schedule in terms of time was a big advantage to me…. I am very thankful for all the nights we have stayed on the phone exploring my life and what how to bring out the best in me (or my story). I will highly recommend your services for all the aspiring students who have a dream of becoming a UC student.”
P. – June 11, 2015

“Thank you for all of your support. Your encouragement during the rough patches in the Spring semester made a huge difference. That encouragement was not directly part of the UC application process. As a parent, I really appreciated the fact that you supported [him] as a whole person, not just as an application…. The most important factor for me as a parent was that it was clear from your blog that you understood the ins and outs of the UC application process – well, as much as is humanly possible. Also, that you were extremely timely in your posts. That gave me confidence that this was not a part-time occupation for you, and you would most likely be very timely in your work with your clients … you truly went over and above the call of duty with [his] unusual situation … he is thrilled with UCLA…. It was sage advice on your part to encourage applying to several campuses.”
D. (parent) – June 9, 2015


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Freshman Out-of-State UC Application Service


“Accepted to UCLA!!! Thank you so much Ms. Sun!!!!!!!!!!! I still cannot believe it!! I know so many very well qualified friends who weren’t offered admission, and I know this year had the largest applicant pool and probably the most selective admissions process!! I cannot thank you enough for helping me get into my dream school! I really would not have been able to do it without you!!”
T. – March 21, 2015

“Since we’re from out of state we had no familiarity with UC admissions and we really needed good advice and counsel about their procedures…. in retrospect the service was worth every penny of the cost because you helped so much with getting admitted to UC, it was not possible for us to know this in the beginning; at first the cost seemed pricey and it was hard to justify paying it. But now we are glad we did and it was not too expensive after all. I am really glad I signed up to your service and would be lost without your guidance. You helped me get into my dream school [UCLA]! I was almost 100% sure they wouldn’t accept me. Thank you so much Ms. Sun!!!! 🙂 ”
A. – May 6, 2013


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Freshman Supplemental Questionnaire Service


“[He] got accepted @ UCLA! Thanks much for all the help! Could not have done without you!”
A. (parent) – March 18, 2016

“I just checked my portal and saw that I got into Berkeley! Thank you so much for guiding me through the supplemental questionnaire. Without you this wouldn’t even be happening right now.”
S. – March 26, 2015

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me out with these supplemental questions. I don’t think I could have gotten admittance from UCI without your help.”
A. – March 29, 2014

“[He] got accepted by UCLA!!! I was 99% certain he would not get into UCLA, since it gets the most apps and is the most selective one. When I saw the yellow “Congratulations” banner, I screamed: OMG!, then OMG!, OMG! “He got accepted by UCLA” (multiple times) again and again when I read the first few lines of his acceptance letter. We can’t thank you enough for your help with his questionnaires. Of course, we will recommend all your service offerings to all of our friends.”
R. (parent) – March 23, 2013


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Freshman UC Waitlist Statement Service


“… I did hear back from UCLA in late May and was admitted! … it was my dream to get in and I’m so happy I accomplished that. Thank-you so much for your help!”
Z. (out-of-state applicant) – July 10, 2017

“I got accepted to UC Berkeley!!! Thank you for everything, I really do appreciate your support!”
M. – May 5, 2017

“I got into UC Berkeley!!! Thank you so so much for your help!!!!! :)))) ”
H. (international student attending an out-of-state school) – May 5, 2017

“without any doubt. I think without your help she would not have got into Berkeley as she did not know what are the important points that she already had but didnot demonstrate on prior essay … I would like to thank you again for your help and I wish you can continue helping other students to get to their schools”
Y. (parent of an out-of-state applicant) – July 8, 2016

“I know we found you a little too late. We had a different counselor for [her] through a mutual friend. Since finding you, you have been nothing but extremely helpful and kind. I don’t think we could have found a more knowledgeable counselor who has such a thorough knowledge of the UC system. We trust your opinions and advice. [She] said to me, “I really like Ms. Sun and totally trust her. You should use Ms. Sun for [my brother].” I knew when she said this that we have found the right counselor. We especially appreciate how you always reply in a timely manner and how you send out reminders and deadline dates. Now that [she] is at a UC, we plan on asking you for advice and help in the future for our son. We value your knowledge and expertise. Thank you again for everything. We totally appreciate it.”
N. (parent) – June 18, 2016

“I just wanted to let you know that I will be attending UCLA in the fall! I also wanted to thank you for all of the advice and time you gave to helping me with my waitlist statements. I know that all of your help really made a difference! Thank you again!”
K. (out-of-state applicant) – May 23, 2016

“I am so happy to report that [she] was accepted to UCLA today! Thank you for all of your help – I remember listening to your Skype session early this month, and am so grateful for all of your advice. Thank you!”
C. (parent of an out-of-state applicant) – April 30, 2016


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Freshman UC Appeal Service


“I also wanted to thank you once again for helping me get into Berkeley 4 years ago. I’m currently a second semester senior, and just signed my full time offer to work … in SF as a software engineer. None of this would have been possible without you, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me out when I didn’t know where else to go….”
V. – January 25, 2017

“[She] just let us know that she was accepted [to UCSB]!!!! We are all thrilled for her and we are so very grateful for your help and advice. You helped her focus on what was important and where her application may have fallen short. Thank you!”
K. (parent) – May 4, 2017

“Just to let you know that I got accepted into UCI today.”
C. – April 22, 2016

“I actually got off of … Berkeley’s appeal … I will be attending Davis though because I think itd be a better fit for me. Thank you so much for all your help!”
W. – June 9, 2015


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Transfer Services Testimonials

Transfer UC Application Service – California Community College


“I got accepted to UCSD and UC Davis today!”
S. – April 21, 2017

“I was actually just about to email you about Berkeley and LA. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and support throughout the whole process! LA has been a dream for so long and it finally happened and it would not have been possible without all your help.”
R. – April 30, 2016

“Thank you so much for everything. Both my parents and I are super thankful for your help. Your service was wonderful. You were extremely helpful, clear, and organized through each step of the application process, and you were also there to answer every single problem and concern I had (which were a LOT). Not only did you help me get into the school I wanted to go to, you were also able to help me get readmitted when I was rescinded. I’m so happy to be transferring out to UCSD in the fall. I couldn’t have imagined this process without you. Again, thank you so much. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!”
J. (one-year transfer) – August 17, 2015

M. (student with mixed records that included a 4-year out-of-state college) – April 24, 2015


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Transfer UC Application Service – Non-California Community College


Ms. Sun I am so happy to announce that I got accepted into [my first choice] UCSB for fall 2016!!!! … You are the best!! thank you so much for all of your help with everything and your constant support throughout the process. I couldn’t have done it without you! I am so grateful for your guidance and wanted to contact you first about the great news.
G. (out-of-state 4-year college transfer) – April 29, 2016

… I found out that I got into UC Davis!! Thank you for all of your help this past year. I really appreciate everything that you did for me to help me through this process and I am so happy that I will be attending UC Davis now. Thank you again for everything!
T. (intercampus transfer) – June 4, 2015

The great news: I got into UCLA … I don’t think I would have gotten this far in the process without you.
E. (out-of-state 4-year college transfer) – April 18, 2015


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Transfer UC Application Service – Berkeley Haas School of Business


I GOT INTO HAAS! Thanks so much for all your help. This wouldn’t have been possible without you.
S. – April 28, 2017

Two years ago, I was searching about the pros and cons about going to communty colleges. Then, I found your website and your personal statement service. Judging from the informations from the website, I realized that you do know a lot of transfering stuffs. Then I looked for the statistics, it seems thay you only take few students in each years, which is a good sign. However, the price was to high for the full service. Suddenly, my friend introduced me to college transitions, which cost $2000 for three university. I trusted them and the service was really horrible. Luckily, my friend helped me to finish the personal statement for UC. I asked for refund and they gave my $500 back. I believe that the service from you was worth the money. You helped me in building the essay, story line and conclusion. In the other hand, the college transitions refused to help. They only helped with my grammar mistakes and structure. Even though Haas did not accept me, I am thankful for your service. I just hoped I used your full service from the beginning.
K. – July 7, 2016

When I was a senior in high school last year, I googled many questions regarding the UC application and often found myself on your website. I didn’t use your services last year (I didn’t have a college counselor), but often visited your blog to guide myself through the application process and make sure I was on track with everything…. Because this was my second (and probably last) time applying to college and I was a one-year transfer, I thought I could use as much guidance as possible. Having been a frequent visitor of your blog last year, I knew you provided services for junior-level transfers and knew more about the UC application process than other counselors…. I remember emailing/facebook messaging/speaking with you before actually signing up, and learning some very important things that made me a stronger applicant…. Thank you for everything you provided for me during this past year. I don’t think I could have gotten into Haas or even UCLA without you.
S. – June 9, 2015


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Transfer UC Waitlist Statement Service


“Hello Ms.Sun, you will be happy to know that I got off the waitlist and I will be attending UCLA! Thank you so much for all of your help! I really appreciate it!”
A. – June 3, 2017

“Great news, I was accepted to UCLA this morning! Officially starting as a Bruin in Fall 2017. Thank you so much for your help, if it wasn’t for you I probably would have not been admitted. Thank you so much again!!”
J. (student with mixed records that included a 4-year out-of-state college) – June 3, 2017

“I just got accepted off the waitlist [to UC Davis]!”
Z. (CSU-to-UC lower-division transfer) – June 2, 2017

“I also wanted to let you know that I was taken off the wait list for UCLA so I will be attending in the Fall :)”
N. – June 16, 2016


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Transfer UC Appeal Service


“I got into UCLA too [from appeal]. How about that! Thank you for your help.”
H. – July 13, 2017

“Berkeley emailed me today with an update to my admission status. They reversed my decision!! Thank you so much for everything! First you helped me get off the waitlist at UCLA and now you helped me get into Berkeley! I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate you!”
M. – June 28, 2017

“… my UCSB appeal was approved. Thank you again for all your help!”
N. – August 11, 2015

“I just wanted to send you an update on the appeals I sent…. Uc Irvine decision is that I am admitted! So thank you so much for all your help! I have already sent an SIR to Irvine.”
A. – May 28, 2015

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