Ms. Sun’s Short Biography

I am a UC admissions expert who has been guiding students to the top UCs, such as UC Berkeley and UCLA, since 2006. I graduated from UC Berkeley, spent a year in a PhD program at UCLA, and completed a college counseling certificate program through UCSD Extension.

I created this website to help students and their parents navigate the complex UC admissions process and to provide them with guidance in times of uncertainty. By helping students discover their inner strength and build confidence in their ability to succeed, I aim to give them the necessary tools to produce exceptional UC Applications and thrive in college and beyond.

Over the past eight years, my clients were two to five times more likely to be admitted to a UC of their choice than the average applicant. See for yourself my Success Rate and review my client Testimonials.

For everything you can possibly want to know about how I became a UC admissions expert, read my origin story.