Fall 2021 UC Application Filing Period Now Open

Not that you need a reminder, but the UC Application submission cycle is now open. Before you submit, thoroughly check the “Review & submit” page by clicking on “Expand all” to see the application in its entirety; what you see there will look relatively similar to what the application readers see when they review your UC Application. Keep in mind that you cannot initiate the submission process until status indicators for all sections are showing “completed” (a check mark instead of “To do”).

Generally I advise students to wait at least a week before submitting their UC Application. In the past, the UC Application sometimes experienced intermittent glitches when the submission cycle first opened. Give the UCs some time to discover and fix any bugs in the system (any complaints of bugs will likely show up in online discussion forums). Beyond that, make every effort to submit your UC Application before Thanksgiving, which falls on November 26 this year. Thanksgiving weekend (last weekend in November) will likely be chaotic. You can expect intermittent issues with slow server response, server timeout, and possible server crashes.

If you already submitted the UC Application, log back in and review your submitted application to make sure there were no errors (for couple years, the system scrambled the “Academic history” section of some students). Contact the UC Application Center (information below) if your submitted application does not match the information you entered.

Do not panic if you run into problems with credit card payment during the submission process (in the past couple of years this error occurred regularly throughout November). If the payment page freezes or crashes, simply restart your browser and log back into your UC Application to submit it. You just need to log back in to pay for the application fee after the system resets in 48 to 72 hours.

When in doubt, contact the UC Application Center at (800) 207-1710 (within U.S.) or (925) 298-6856 (outside U.S.), or by email at ucinfo@applyucsupport.net for assistance.

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