Webinars – Winning Strategy for the UC Personal Insight Questions

Learn the strategy I employ when working with my clients to produce a winning Personal Insight Questions response. That’s a $3,000 value condensed into 90 minutes, plus the opportunity to ask me questions after the session, all for only $149!

When you sign up, you will receive a detailed companion handout with step-by-step instructions on how to deploy the strategy and develop your own winning Personal Insight Questions response. As a bonus, after the webinar you will also receive an ebook containing the secrets of the UC admissions process that are too sensitive for public consumption!

Over the past six years, my clients were two to three times more likely than the average applicant to be admitted to the UC of their choice. Are you ready for the winning strategy that has helped my clients? Sign up now! Webinars are offered every other Thursday, alternating between 6 PM PDT and 9 PM PDT. Find the full schedule and sign up here.

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