UC TAG Due on Monday!

Remember the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) application is due on Monday (9/30/2019)! You must apply for TAG through the Transfer Admission Planner.

Please remember to replicate your transcript in the “My Coursework” section.

Keep in mind that the Transfer Admission Planner and the UC Application are TWO SEPARATE SYSTEMS. You MUST set up an account on each system and submit both applications for your TAG to be considered. Your TAG major MUST MATCH the major you have on your UC Application for the UC campus where you filed TAG; if the TAG major and your major for that UC campus on the UC Application do NOT match, your TAG will be VOIDED.

UCs that provide pre-evaluation of coursework (Davis and Merced) should notify you of your TAG decisions by November 15, 2019.

Please review the Fall 2020 TAG Matrix for a campus-by-campus comparison of the TAG benefits, restrictions, and requirements. Some UCs require you to meet the TAG requirements as early as the end of summer term before you apply, so make sure you fulfill all requirements within the timeline imposed by those campuses.

Campus TAG Requirements

Remember that some majors are excluded for TAG; only the majors that accept TAG will be in the “Choose a major” drop-down box on the “APPLY FOR TAG” section of the TAP. Complete the application today so you have enough time to deal with unexpected situations (like finding out you’re missing required major prep courses or that you cannot TAG your major for the campus you intended).

Details of the TAG program at each campus:

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