UC Transfer SIR Deadline is TOMORROW (June 1, 2018)

Transfer Checklist

Note the various deadlines and required documents you will need to submit prior to enrollment by checking your online account at the UC campus (there should be a to-do list somewhere in the account). Here are some of the more obvious items to get you started.

  • SIR deadline is TOMORROW, June 1, 2018.
  • Please review your Provisional Admission Contract/Conditions of Admission carefully. Any violation of the contract/condition should be reported to the UC campus promptly. Offer an explanation for the violation and how you intend to remedy the situation.
  • Sign up for orientation. Orientation helps you become familiar with the campus environment and gives you the opportunity to enroll in courses with the assistance of student/staff advisors.
  • Look into summer/bridge/new student programs you can attend at your UC campus. Most UCs offer some type of program in the summer for incoming students. This will help you get a head start.
  • Official, final transcripts from every college you have attended are due to your UC campus on July 1, 2018. If your college(s) cannot produce a final transcript by the deadline, you MUST contact the UC campus to ask for an extension. All other required documents and exam scores, such as the AP exam scores, must arrive by July 15, 2018. Failure to submit required transcript(s) and documents on time may result in cancellation of your admission offer. The campus will contact you by email and post a warning in your online account if any documents are missing past the deadline. Make sure you check your email and online UC account regularly and update your email address with the campus if you change it (you may make the change through your online account).

Need more help? Check out the Next Steps for Transfers – Deadlines and Procedures for Fall 2018, a campus-by-campus chart of deadlines put together by the UCs.

Advice to Help Ease Your Transition

Follow the advice below to ensure you have a smooth transition:

  • Take the minimum number of required units (usually around 12 or 13 units) your first semester or quarter; UC courses will likely go at a faster pace compared to what you are used to, so give yourself some time to acclimate.
  • Take the time to get to know your roommate/floormate/suitemate and make friends with people in your classes; having a good social network is an important part of your college experience. Explore the different extracurricular activities available to you on and off campus to gain new experiences and expand your network.
  • Show up at your professors’ office hours to talk to them. Find out about what kind of research they are doing or ask questions about the course materials. If you can’t think of anything to say, stick to simple inquiries like 1) recommendations for other reading materials that will help you in your courses (be prepared to actually read whatever the professors recommend so you can have thoughtful discussions of the materials with them the next time you go to office hours), and 2) how to prepare for the midterm or final. Once the professors put your face to your name, you will likely do better in the courses (brownie points for showing up to talk to them during office hours).

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