UC Duplicate SIR/Withdrawing SIR

Did you SIR with more than one UC? Not sure how to deal with the backup UC SIR when you are admitted from the waitlist or appeal? Fear not, follow my recommendations below!

Multiple UC SIRs

If you SIR’ed with more than one UC campus, you may hear from the system about canceling the duplicate SIR(s). The UCs intermittently enforces the check on duplicate SIRs and it’s unclear to me if the system will crack down on duplicate SIRs this year given the uncertainty of the pandemic. If you hear from the UCs about duplicate SIRs, don’t panic, just cancel the extra SIRs by following the instructions here (instructions for withdrawing the SIR are the same as withdrawing the UC Application) and you will be fine.

How to Withdraw SIR from a Backup UC

If you SIR’ed with a backup UC and you were admitted to a “more desirable UC” later from waitlist or appeal, SIR with the new UC first. Once you have confirmation and everything is set in motion (housing, orientation, etc.), withdraw your SIR from the previous UC by following the instructions here (instructions for withdrawing the SIR are the same as withdrawing the UC Application).

The waitlist is set up to benefit the UCs (enrollment management), not to benefit you. To the extent that you are not malicious in your intent (for example, not canceling any SIRs you have no intention of honoring just because you can), protect your own interest first and foremost. That means clinching the SIR from the new campus before you let go of the old one (but do let go of the old one, help a fellow student get off the waitlist!).

The waitlist process is messed up and painful for everyone involved and the UCs (thankfully) do acknowledge that. Don’t feel bad. Get things moving as quickly as you can (SIR at new campus -> check financial aid -> apply for housing -> register for orientation -> cancel old SIR) then run out to celebrate once the dust settles!

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