Transfer Appeal/Waitlist Opt-In Due TOMORROW!

The appeal and/or waitlist opt-in deadline for most UCs is TOMORROW, May 15, 2018!

Make sure the content of your appeal meets the specified requirements of the UC campus before you send it out. Check my UC Transfer Appeal Guide for appeal instructions and appeal writing guidelines.

Have questions about the waitlist? See my UC Transfer Waitlist Information + Waitlist Statement Guideline for the waitlist policy at each UC campus and waitlist statement writing guidelines.

Trying to gauge your chance of coming off the waitlist and/or getting admitted from appeal? Look at the UC Waitlist/Appeal/Cancellation Numbers I have compiled.

UCs do not “compare notes” so you can opt-in onto the waitlist for and/or appeal to as many campuses as you want. While the UC systemwide waitlist FAQ stated that transfer students offered waitlist option cannot appeal, Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Barbara have stated in their waitlist FAQ that you are allowed to appeal even if you are on the waitlist.

Whether you decide to opt-in for the waitlist and/or appeal the admission decision, you should SIR at a college where you were admitted. There is no guarantee that you will be admitted from the waitlist and/or appeal, so you need to proceed with a backup plan.

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