UC Transfer Admission Results Debrief

Most of the UC Applications I reviewed from transfer applicants who come to me for waitlist and appeal help had a few things in common:

  • Spring in-progress English, math, and/or major preparation requirements (UCs prefer transfer students who have all of these done by fall term).
  • No college-level activities related to the major and/or no discussion of goals related to the major (transfer students need to demonstrate interest in their major outside of school and articulate why they want to pursue their major).
  • No explanation for “why UCs” (transfer students need to convey why they want to attend the UCs, whether they are transferring from community college, another UC, or another four-year college).

Keep in mind that UC transfer admission is very different from freshman admission. One prime example is that all four of your Personal Insight Questions should focus on “potential for college success” (particularly success in your intended major).

Still confused? Search “transfer admission update” on my website to pull up all of the relevant transfer information you need. Also browse through my blog posts in the “Current College Students” category for tips and resources to help you become more competitive.

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