UC Freshman Appeal/Waitlist Opt-In Due in FOUR DAYS (4/15)

The appeal and/or waitlist opt-in deadline for most UCs is on Monday, April 15, 2024.

Have questions about the waitlist? See my UC Freshman Waitlist Information + Waitlist Statement Guideline for waitlist resources and guidelines.

Make sure the content of your appeal meets the specified requirements of the UC campus before you send it out. Check my UC Freshman Appeal Guide for appeal resources and guidelines.

Trying to gauge your chance of coming off the waitlist and/or getting admitted from appeal? Look at the UC Waitlist/Appeal Numbers I have compiled.

UCs do not “compare notes” so you can opt-in onto the waitlist at and/or appeal to multiple campuses. Whether you decide to opt-in onto the waitlist and/or appeal the admission decision, you should commit to a college where you were offered admission or apply to community college if you intend to transfer later (apply now as most community colleges have started accepting applications for Summer/Fall 2024 enrollment). There is no guarantee that you will be admitted from the waitlist and/or appeal; you need to move forward with a backup plan.

Need help coping with the decisions? See my advice on Moving Forward in the Aftermath of Unfavorable Admission Decisions and learn how to objectively evaluate your situation outside of the admission decisions with my Reading List After Unfavorable Admission Decisions.

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April 14, 2024 at 12:19 pm

Hi! In the case that my appeal is overturned and I am admitted, am I forced to commit? Is it binding?

Ms. Sunreply
April 15, 2024 at 1:54 am
– In reply to: Cleo

The offer of admission is not binding.

April 16, 2024 at 8:47 pm

Hi Ms. Sun,

I wrote out my Berkeley appeal letter a week ago and had it sitting in my drive with *genuine* new and compelling information, however I confused the April 15 deadline with the Office of the Registrar appeal deadline that said all appeals were due within 30 days of admissions notice. Would this be a basis to call the admissions office and request the possibility to submit my letter? I just realized it was due yesterday and not within 30 days, and I’m scrambling for answers now. Thank you.

Ms. Sunreply
April 17, 2024 at 10:54 am
– In reply to: Deena

You can contact the admissions office, but the burden was on you to find and comply with the appeal instructions.

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