UC Freshman Waitlist Information + Waitlist Statement Guideline

UC Waitlist Information

The Systemwide Waitlist FAQ contains general information regarding the waitlist policy and process at each UC campus.

Each UC campus handles the waitlist opt-in process a little differently. Most UCs will have an opt-in deadline of April 15, but some campuses may have different deadlines. I highly recommend that you take the time to review the waitlist information and/or FAQ from the campus that offered you waitlist before opting in.

Berkeley – check MAP@Berkeley for information (optional waitlist statement, 500-word limit)

DavisFreshman Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions (required waitlist statement, 200-word limit)

Irvine – check MyAdmission and Message Center for information (no waitlist statement)

UCLA – check myApplication Status for information (optional waitlist statement, 7,000-character limit)

Merced – NO waitlist

RiversideFreshman Waitlist FAQs (no waitlist statement)

San Diego – check Applicant Portal for information (no waitlist statement)

Santa BarbaraFreshman Waitlist FAQ (no waitlist statement)

Santa CruzFreshman Waitlist FAQs (no waitlist statement; opt-in deadline was April 1, 2019)

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UC Waitlist Statement Writing Guidelines

Most UC campuses will not release waitlist decisions until well after the May 1 SIR deadline, so be sure to follow through with a backup plan in case the waitlist decision doesn’t work out in your favor. There is no penalty for you to withdraw the SIR if you are accepted from the waitlist somewhere else (except losing the $250 deposit).

For the campuses that have optional or required waitlist statement, be sure to explain why the campus is right for you. For example, what unique opportunities will the campus offer you that you cannot get anywhere else? How do you intend to take advantage of those opportunities?

You should also reinforce why you are the right student for that campus. For example, what experiences, knowledge, skills, characteristics, and/or traits do you bring to the campus? How will you positively contribute to the student body and/or the campus community?

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Appeal While On Waitlist

Campuses that have optional or required waitlist statement usually do not allow waitlisted students to appeal (but you can use the optional or required waitlist statement as an appeal if necessary). Check here to see which UCs allow you to appeal even if you are on the waitlist.

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UC Waitlist Numbers

Not sure if you should opt-in or give up? Take a look at previous years’ waitlist numbers I have compiled here to help you decide the best way forward!

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Waitlist Statement Help

Find DIY waitlist statement help on my YouTube Channel (watch Understanding How the UC Appeal and Waitlist Process Works first, then check out How to Compose Your UC Waitlist Statement).

Need more information or have questions? Attend one of my upcoming UC Freshman Waitlist & Appeal webinars. Tickets are $49 and space is limited! Sign up now!

Need personalized help with your waitlist statement? I offer a service where I review your UC Application and provide suggestions on information you should cover for your waitlist statement. Learn more!

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April 29, 2019 at 10:54 pm

After I find out if I got off the weight list or not can I appeal that decision?

Ms. Sunreply
April 29, 2019 at 11:28 pm
– In reply to: Alyssa

Most UCs don’t have procedures in place for you to appeal after the waitlist decisions come out because, at that point, all seats for the incoming class are filled (no more spaces).

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