Moving Forward in the Aftermath of Unfavorable Admission Decisions

Alright everyone, bring it in, time for a group hug.

* HUG *

Whether you are contemplating the waitlist option or appeal (the outcome is unpredictable, especially with COVID-19, and I know the uncertainty makes everyone nervous) or just trying to make sense of the decisions, my best advice to you is to take charge of things that you have control over: evaluate your current college options, select the right college for you, proceed with the required steps to enroll, and, most importantly, keep up your grades and study for your upcoming school and AP exams. These steps also apply if you plan to attend community college. Most California community colleges are accepting applications for Summer and Fall 2020 enrollment now; apply immediately to receive an earlier class registration appointment.

If you take up the waitlist offer or intend to appeal, do NOT bet your entire future on the hope that you will get off the waitlist or be admitted from appeal. Move forward with your life. If you do get off the waitlist or get admitted from appeal, GREAT! Reevaluate your options when that happens (compare financial aid offers; make sure you have somewhere to live … some UCs do not guarantee housing for waitlisted students and none of the UCs guarantee housing for students admitted from appeal; also find out if you can still attend orientation or how you will register for classes).

So you learned that life is not fair. All of us learn that at some point in life, you just got a head start. But the most important lesson, I think, is that you should NOT take college admission decisions as a judgment of who you are or as a way to determine your worth. Handling defeat gracefully is a sign of strong character and we should all practice that more often. Remember that Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be. Make the best of your journey ahead and you will succeed!

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