UC Application Online Payment Glitch

Here’s a note from the UC Application portal about the problem:

Earlier today, we experienced an intermittent connection problem with our Credit Card vendor. If you are unsure about your payment status, submit your application by the deadline and payment can be confirmed later. Log in after 2 days and select View Fees and Payment to re-submit your credit card payment, if necessary.

If you have trouble reaching the payment page or if the application skips the payment page altogether (or freezes while trying to reach the payment page), don’t panic. Give the browser a few minutes (since the servers might be busy); if you are certain the application has stopped responding, log back into the UC Application and you’ll be presented with the option to submit the UC Application WITHOUT payment. Go ahead and submit the application and log back in AFTER 48 hours (the payment option will reset itself) and pay. When in doubt, call the UC Application Center at (800) 207-1710 (toll free in the U.S.) or (925) 298-6856 (outside the U.S.) to check on the payment status.

You application submission date is the official time stamp. If you started your application before 11:59 PM PST, November 30, you will have until 11:59 PM PST on December 1 to submit the application and still be considered on time (even if you pay later).

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