UC Application Tips from UC Davis

UC Davis has put together a simple guideline, with useful tips in easy-to-understand language, to help you complete the UC Application and write your Personal Insight Questions response.

These resources are useful and generally apply to all UC campuses (you’ll see a disclaimer in “Personal Insight Tips” that the information is specific to Davis, but I looked over everything and the the advice is sound and applicable to all of the UCs, although there were some outdated/incorrect information as of this morning, which I noted below), so check them out even if you are not planning to apply to UC Davis.

  • Freshman Application Tips (as of October 24, 2017, instructions in the “College Courses Taken While in High School” section are INCORRECT, since you would list all of your college courses in a different section from your high school courses; by extension, the instructions in the “Honors Courses” section are a bit off because they assume you’ll be entering coursework manually, which is not the case for CA students, plus, the “UC-approved course list” link leads you to the wrong place, this is the correct link)
  • Transfer Application Tips
  • Personal Insight Tips (excellent tips, if you ever need written instructions to tell you NOT to write a poem for your Personal Insight Questions response, you will find those instructions here
  • Scholarships (specific to UC Davis)

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