UC Admission Preparedness

Now is the time for you to take stock of how your school year is going and to make plans for your summer and the following school year. Whether you are a rising high school student or planning to transfer, take a moment to assess what you have accomplished, how far your accomplishments have carried you toward your goals, and what areas you can improve or adjust to better aid your aspiration to attend college.

If you are not sure whether you are on the right path toward successful UC admission or looking to gain a competitive edge, consider signing up for my Admission Preparation Service ($520; 30-day consultation for one student). I will evaluate your academic and extracurricular strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations to help you become better qualified for admission to your top choice UCs. Sign up now to plan for the upcoming summer and school year. Learn more about the service or email billing@askmssun.com if you want to sign up or have questions about the service.

Need resources to help you get started on your own? Browse my extensive library of UC admission information for freshman and transfer students.

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