UC Davis Supplemental Review Questionnaires

Sounds like Davis is starting to send out supplemental review questionnaires. Read on for general advice and how to get more help.

Get the guidance you need on how to best complete your supplemental review questionnaire by signing up for my Supplemental Questionnaire Service. I will review your UC Application, provide an analysis of the potential triggers, and counsel you on the best strategy for responding to the questionnaire.

I believe the campus is still using the questionnaires from previous years: “4-question hardship + 4-question disability” questionnaire, “6-question talent” questionnaire, and “18-question educationally/socioeconomically disadvantaged” questionnaire. Regardless of which questionnaire you receive, you will need to carefully fill it out as this could be the final piece of information needed to determine your admission outcome.

Davis Supplemental Review Questionnaires Guideline

If you received a questionnaire, you can forward the questions to me at help@askmssun.com and I will send you my interpretation of what the campus is looking for in your response (I do this to minimize the chance of the UCs getting their hands on my guidelines). Please check your junk/spam folder for my reply. Keep in mind that the free guideline will be somewhat general in nature, since how you answer the questions will largely depend on your personal situation.

You may also want to review the explanation from Davis on how its “Augmented Review” process works (link takes you to page 18 of a PDF file, where the explanation is located).

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