UC Davis Supplemental Review Questionnaires Were Issued Mid-December

I heard through the grapevine recently that Davis did issue supplemental review questionnaires back in mid-December. I didn’t hear a peep about it and therefore did not send out an update. For those of you who have spam folders that don’t empty out on a regular basis (last time I checked, Gmail empties spam older than 30 days and Hotmail empties spam older than 10 days), you may want to dig through messages from mid-December now. Davis does not impose a deadline for the supplemental review questionnaires; if you did receive one but did not respond, do the best you can to submit it as soon as possible since Davis is likely still finalizing the admit list. Good luck!

Davis Supplemental Review Questionnaires Guideline

If you received a questionnaire, you can forward the questions to me at and I will send you my interpretation of what the campus is looking for in your response (I do this to minimize the chance of the UCs getting their hands on my guidelines). Please check your junk/spam folder for my reply. Keep in mind that the free guideline will be somewhat general in nature, since how you answer the questions will largely depend on your personal situation.

You may also want to review the June 2023 Annual Report on Undergraduate Admissions Requirements and Comprehensive Review, where Davis explained how the “Augmented Review” process is utilized and provided admission stats of students who received such requests.

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