UC Application is Due Thursday!

Remember the deadline for the UC Application is 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on November 30 (translation: this Thursday night, just before midnight).

Are you just scrambling to complete your UC Application now? Find a list of everything you need to help you reach the finish line here.

In case you were wondering, the UC Application system will remain open after the deadline. Something always seems to happen around November 30: in 2011 a windstorm devastated parts of Southern California (electricity went out in large regions, taking out internet connections and trapping people in their homes) and in 2012 Superstorm Sandy affected applicants in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. So try to submit your application now, rather than waiting until the deadline.

If you were already affected by one of several devastating natural disasters from earlier months, you may request a 15-day application deadline extension by following the instructions here.

Good luck everyone!

By the way, if you already submitted your application and have follow-up questions, hold off until next week to contact me. I will also post something later this week that should address most of the post-submission questions. Stay tuned!

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