Got Decision?

Remember that each UC campus makes admission decisions INDEPENDENTLY (this is the official stance of the UCs; there is some speculation about decision coordination and the UCs continue to deny that – I’m a bit skeptical but have no evidence to contradict the UCs).

In the past decade, I’ve personally heard of four students (three of them were my clients) who applied to five or six UCs and were only admitted to Berkeley. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to wait for all of the decisions (and, more importantly, the financial aid offers) to come out before weighing your options (yes, that means waiting for the Berkeley decision to come out at the end of March).

If you need help with the waitlist statement and/or appeal, or other options (transfer, gap year, etc.), I will post updated guidelines on my blog after Berkeley decisions are released. If you need help RIGHT NOW, find DIY resources on my YouTube Channel.

Emergency procedures for March: Please remain calm, listen to and follow instructions provided by the UCs. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with all backup college plans. Please use the stairs if there is a need to evacuate. If a student is in distress due to UC decisions, please notify Ms. Sun immediately.

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