Two UCs Open for Winter/Spring 2025 TAG

Merced and Riverside are accepting TAG application for Winter/Spring 2025. The TAG filing period is open now and the deadline is May 31, 2024. You must apply to TAG through the Transfer Admission Planner (TAP). Winter/Spring 2025 UC Application cycle is July 1-31, 2024.

Some majors may not be open for Winter/Spring 2025 TAG at Merced and Riverside. You can find which majors are open by searching the Check majors page.

When completing TAP, be sure to replicate your transcript on the “Coursework” page in the “My academic history” section. You may import your academic information from TAP into the UC Application, provided that you used the same email address for your UC TAP account as your UC Application.

REMEMBER – TAP and UC Application are TWO SEPARATE SYSTEMS. You MUST set up an account on each system and submit BOTH applications to be considered for admission. Your TAG major MUST MATCH the major you have on your UC Application for the UC campus where you filed TAG; if the TAG major and your major for that UC campus on the UC Application do NOT match, your TAG will be VOIDED.

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