UC Personal Insight Question Plagiarism Check

According to the UC Counselors and Advisers Bulletin – January 2023:

All personal insight responses were reviewed by an anti-plagiarism software program in early January. Notifications were sent out earlier this month via email to students whose responses require verification of their authenticity. Notified applicants have the opportunity to demonstrate that their PIQ responses are their own work and were provided further instructions on how to do so. Applicants who are unable to provide evidence that the PIQs are their own work or who do not respond in the designated timeframe will have their UC application withdrawn. If an applicant has submitted an appeal, they will receive a final decision regarding their cancellation in early February.

Make sure you check your email (the one associated with your UC Application) and look in your spam folder (and “Promotions” tab for Gmail) in case you received a notification.

Before you start complaining, I previously discovered UCOP had implemented some kind of plagiarism check beginning with the Fall 2020 application cycle, likely with no notification to the applicants (source; on page 5 under “UCOP Application Verifications”). Now you will at least have a chance to defend yourself.

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