Get Ready for Fall 2021 UC Application

The Fall 2021 UC Application will open on August 1, 2020 at 9 AM PDT. Think ahead and start gathering the information/documents you will need to complete the application form.

Students often complete the application form as an afterthought (after they spent months crafting the “perfect essay”). In my opinion, this is a huge mistake! The application form is an integral part of the overall presentation of your qualifications and should be treated as such. For the UCs, in particular, your response to the Personal Insight Questions (PIQ) should supplement and enhance the information contained in the application form. I highly recommend that you complete all sections of the UC Application in conjunction with or before you finish composing your PIQ response.

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For those who have signed up for or worked with the UC Application before, please note the following changes for the Fall 2021 application (source):

Name – Applicants will be able to provide their preferred or lived name. A preferred name is the name an applicant wishes to be known or identified by that is different than their legal name.

Academic History – UC will allow pass/credit grades for A-G courses during COVID-19 impacted terms of winter, spring and summer of 2020.

Activities & awards –The character count for activity descriptions is reduced to 350 characters (from 500), and the character count for award requirements, use of work earnings, and organization descriptions is 250 characters (from 500).

Test Scores – ACT and SAT are optional for Fall 2021. Official score reports are not necessary. Order and send official scores only prior to enrollment. (For more information on changes to UC testing policy, see the press release.)

Writing Scores – Applicants will not be asked to report ACT Writing and SAT Essay scores on the application.

Information and documents you will need to help you complete the UC Application:

  • Transcripts – You know some of those the admission cancellation horror stories you have heard before? You can avoid that by having a current copy of your transcript(s) in front of you while completing your UC Application.
  • Test Scores (Freshman Applicants) – I recommend skipping the ACT/SAT (explanation).
  • Family Income – Required if you are applying for application fee waiver. You’ll need last year’s income information (2019).
  • Social Security Number/Citizenship Status – While Social Security Number is OPTIONAL, you should have it handy if you have one (makes matching your documents MUCH EASIER). For DACA students, choose “No Selection” for country of citizenship.
  • California Statewide Student ID – This information is optional but you should be able to find it somewhere on your transcript.
  • Extracurricular Activities List – Take note of the changes to this section mentioned above and prepare accordingly!
  • Technical Requirements – Make sure you have a compatible device/browser (go here and scroll down to “System Requirements” for the list).

Find additional information at UC Admissions – Apply now.

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