Fall 2020 UC Application Opens Today

The Fall 2020 UC Application is open now. The application is somewhat optimized for mobile devices so you can fill it out on a mobile device in a pinch. But I recommend that you sit down at a computer to complete the application; the task is tedious enough without having to move around on a small screen. Please remember that the application times out every 20 minutes; you must click “PREVIOUS,” “NEXT,” or “sign out” to save your work within the 20-minute time frame.

Start the application as soon as possible to give yourself ample time to look through the application and gather the information you need to complete it. Check out my Get Ready for Fall 2020 UC Application post for helpful tips. The UCs completely revamped the application resources (more detailed and better organized) so make sure you check them out:

I strongly recommend that you complete the various sections of your UC Application first before starting on the Personal Insight Questions, since the response you write should supplement and clarify the information already contained in the various sections of the UC Application. Need help? Check out my UC Application Service (over the past eight years, my clients were two to three times more likely than the average applicant to be admitted to a UC of their choice!).

If you are a nontraditional applicant (sophomore or senior transfer, second baccalaureate), be sure to check the check majors page for any restrictions on the majors you are considering. The list is a little counter-intuitive (majors that are closed are listed), so you may have to study it a bit to figure out what is going on. You can also just sign up for the UC Application and select your status (sophomore transfer, senior transfer, or second baccalaureate); only the majors/campuses that are open to your status will be available for selection.

You may submit the completed application starting November 1. The last day to submit the online application is November 30. Before the application was redesigned, there were bugs in the application system some years (some bugs, like the payment gateway crashing periodically, just became a “known issue” and didn’t get fixed), so keep an eye out for online chatter of such problems. I would expect the redesigned application to go through some growing pains during the first cycle; please be extra diligent and report glitches in your application to the UC Application Center (scroll to the bottom of that page to find the contact information). In addition, make sure you review the entire application (last section of the application – “Review & submit”) thoroughly before submitting the application to spot and fix any formatting errors.

Consider setting the weekend before Thanksgiving as a soft deadline so you can avoid the last-minute rush; while the UC Application server does not crash often, it does hang or time out from heavy traffic during the last few days of November.

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