UC Online Applicant Accounts

By now you should have received confirmation emails from each of the UC campuses to which you have applied. With each confirmation email, or separately, should be information on how to sign up for an “applicant account” with the campus that allows you to update your contact information, send communication to the admissions office, and check your admission decision. Some applicant accounts are easier to set up and navigate than others, so sign up as soon as you receive instructions in order to familiarize yourself with the account features. You may also be required to submit corrections or send documents through the applicant accounts at a later time.

If you have not yet received the instructions or need some help, head directly over to the applicant account pages (there is usually a link to the help desk or FAQ to help you figure out how to get your account up and running). Find links to the freshman or transfer applicant account for each UC campus at:

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Hoping for UCreply
January 10 at 05:01 PM

My son changed one of his spring semester classes from regular to AP. Should he report this to all UC/CSU now? Or only to ones he is admitted (or will attend)? Thank you!

Ms. Sunreply
January 10 at 06:01 PM
– In reply to: Hoping for UC

I would suggest reporting it now, as it may give him a bump (up) for admission consideration.

January 18 at 01:01 PM

Hello Ms. Sun,
Checking the UC Davis portal, there is currently an option to make changes to my coursework. Recently, semester one of senior year has been completed and I got pretty good grades. Do you recommend I update my semester one grades from “in progress” to the grades I received or does it not matter?
Thank you in advance.

Ms. Sunreply
January 19 at 08:01 PM
– In reply to: Max

If your grades are favorable, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to update them.

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