Invitations to Apply for UC Alumni Scholarships

If you receive an invitation to apply for alumni scholarships, know that the alumni associations obtain the contact information and general profile of applicants from the admissions office and send out invitations based on criteria the alumni associations determined to reflect the type of students they want for the scholarships (occasionally the invitations will go out to all applicants; the invited pools seem to get adjusted every year). The process is separate from admission evaluation as the alumni associations are different entities (typically they are set up as a nonprofit loosely affiliated with the university).

While students who receive an invitation tend to be high achieving students (therefore more likely to be admitted), getting an invitation is not indicative of your admission status (because the admissions office generally does NOT share admission decisions with the alumni associations at the scholarship application stage of the process and the alumni associations do NOT have any influence over admission evaluation; some UCs have adjusted their process so the scholarship award timeline match the admission decision release timeline, but that is a synchronization of two independent processes and should not be confused as the same process). Keep in mind that you may apply for the scholarships regardless of whether you received an invitation (most alumni scholarships that require a separate application will allow all applicants who meet the scholarship requirements to apply).

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