Transfer from UCSD SE to Berkeley CE

A student asked for help because he couldn’t figure out the equivalent courses to transfer from UCSD Structural Engineering to Berkeley Civil Engineering. Since I spent over an hour looking up the information, I figured I share it.

Please Note: This is NOT an official articulation!!! This is my interpretation, based on what I know about how the UCs articulate courses, but it is NOT an official articulation. Use at your own risk!!! Based on the requirements showing for 2018-2019.

Required core courses for admission (all these courses must be completed to be considered for admission) to Berkeley Civil Engineering:

UCB Chem 1A/L = UCSD Chem 6A + 6B + 7L
UCB Chem 1B or Biology 1B or Civ Eng 70 = UCSD Chem 6C (because of the way quarter courses fall short of semester courses, taking a full year of Chem is easier than trying to take another subject)
UCB Math 1A, 1B = UCSD Math 20A + 20B + 20C
UCB Math 53, 54 = UCSD Math 20E + 18 + 20D
UCB Physics 7A, 7B = UCSD 2A + 2B + 2BL + 2C + 2CL (unfortunately Berkeley covers wave motion in 7A but UCSD doesn’t cover that until 2C; Berkeley physics classes all include lab, whereas UCSD requires you to enroll in lab separately)
UCB English R1A and R1B = look up articulated R1A/R1B courses by college here

Strongly recommended courses (if your college offers the courses listed below and they are articulated, taking them will strengthen your application) for Berkeley Civil Engineering:

Berkeley CE C30 = UCSD SE 110A
Berkeley CE 60 = UCSD SE 2/2L
Berkeley CE 11 = No equivalent
Berkeley CE 93 = UCSD SE 125
Berkeley Engin 7 = UCSD SE 9
Berkeley ME 40 = UCSD MAE 11

For Berkeley, you cannot exceed 135 quarter units (all college courses combined; AP units don’t count toward this limit) before transfer (no more than 135 quarter units completed by end of Spring term prior to transfer). For more information, see this post.

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