Freshman Admission Overview

All the freshman admission information available on my website is organized along the main criteria that the UCs consider: academic performance, extracurricular achievement, and test scores. I also provide campus-specific admission information, a general application timeline, as well as information on financial aid and other resources.

Academic Preparation

Academic Preparation reviews the UC A-G requirements, course rigor, UC GPA calculation, school disciplinary actions, and other ways to improve your academic performance.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities discusses why you need extracurricular activities and what constitutes extracurricular activities, what UCs mean when they say they are looking for students with “leadership,” and a list of extracurricular activities to get you started.

Testing Requirements

Learn the latest updates and changes on the Testing Requirements.

Admission Information

Admission Information presents these campus-specific and major-specific guidelines, as well as admission stats and information specific to out-of-state and international students. Aside from general admission criteria, you must also consider admission preferences of your selected UC campuses and your intended major.

Application Timeline

Application Timeline provides advice regarding the UC application process and includes information on general guidelines, fee waiver, how to report application changes, admission decision dates, and waitlist information, to name a few.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid & Scholarships goes over the basics of how to pay for college, directs you to tools and resources for government and UC financial aid, and provides a list of scholarship search sites and some scholarships (including information for AB 540 students).


Resources is a compilation of everything else ranging from UC recruitment tools to online college reviews to information on gap year.