CCCs with 2021 Winter Intersession Classes

Need to cram a class into your schedule to meet the minimum unit requirement? Desperately looking for required major prerequisite classes? Many California community colleges offer winter intersession classes between Fall and Spring terms (usually four-week classes offered during the month of January, ending early February). MiraCosta has compiled a list here, a good place for you to start but it is not comprehensive (I know for a fact that LA Harbor College, which is not on the list, is offering a 2021 winter intersession).

If you have exhausted the list but did not find any open classes or classes you need, try other community colleges in the same district as the ones on the list (they are the most likely to also offer winter intersession). You can also try going down the complete list of community colleges here to see which ones are offering winter intersession and still have classes available.

Keep in mind that many community colleges (even the ones that don’t have winter intersession) offer spring short-term classes (usually eight-week classes offered in two different sessions spanning across the semester), which can also be a good option for racking up units, completing required major prerequisites, or finishing IGETC.

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