Boost Your Academic Rigor with Online High School Courses This Fall!

Couldn’t get into the Honors or AP classes you want at your school? School canceled classes on you? Want to boost the rigor of your schedule or improve your GPA? Enroll now for fall online classes!

Keep in mind that your local community college is usually your best bet (free if your counselor signs off on the enrollment). Online high school courses tend to be pricey, but they serve as an alternative if you need them (there are usually fewer hoops to jump through, just pay and take the class).

Find the most current list of (somewhat) affordable online high school options here (the list includes links to the course catalog, pricing information, and UC-approved course list for each school). Always verify that the classes you want to take are on the UC-approved course list before enrolling. There are other UC-approved schools, but the ones on my list all have part-time enrollment options (you can take just one or two classes and not have to worry about admission or full-time enrollment, plus the school will issue a separate transcript so you don’t have to worry about your high school refusing to add the courses to the transcript).

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