Prepare for Upcoming AP Exams

Remember you can find exam information and practice questions directly from College Board’s Practice for the AP Exams page and review/practice the concepts for some AP courses at Khan Academy. You can also search online for how to put together an AP exam study plan.

If you have already applied to the UCs, receiving non-passing scores in the upcoming AP exams will NOT affect your admission offers (this is NOT an open invitation for you to not study for the AP exams!). Note that some UCs may require you to report AP exams you are skipping that were originally stated on the UC Application as planned; you need to check your Provisional Admission Contract or Conditions of Admission to verify whether you need to report any skipped AP exams (for campuses that require notification, skipping AP exams may have negative consequences, such as cancellation of admission offer; for such campuses, if you are skipping AP exams due to extenuating circumstances, make sure to provide an explanation with the notification to the campus).

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