UCSD 7th College

If you were surprised by the appearance of a “7th College” for UCSD on the UC Application, you are not alone. A quick search reveals that, while the proposal for a new college was first discussed as early as 2017, the decision to open the college for enrollment may have not occurred until very recently (May 2019).

Currently there is no published general education plan for 7th College (that I could find) and there is only a vague mention of a curriculum that will “make students engage with general education (GE) all four years, rather than finish their GE requirements in one or two years” (source) and “three capstone courses for four-year students, and one for transfer students” (source).

Right now transfer students will receive a notice on the “Choose campuses” page in the UC Application stating “Reminder: transfer applicants should not place Seventh College at the top of their college rankings.”

Due to the lack of information (the number and type of required general education courses) and the typical hiccups new establishments tend to experience, I would suggest for all applicants (freshman and transfer) to place 7th College toward the bottom of their UCSD college ranking.

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