Fall 2019 UC Application Service

I have updated the UC Application Service page for this upcoming application cycle (November 2018 deadline). You must sign up by the end of August to take advantage of the discount (please also review the terms and conditions). I hope to have the pleasure of working with you!

Before you ask whether I review completed PIQ response, please know that my services focus on helping you develop a comprehensive admission strategy that emphasizes your strengths and qualifications. The only way I can do this is by thoroughly evaluating your background, aspirations, and every aspect of your accomplishments and/or the setbacks you experienced. Because of this, my input is significantly more effective at the start of the process, rather than at the end. That means, if you are looking for an affordable way to move through the process, consider my UC Admissions Strategy Consultation, which you can find on my UC Application Service page, or attend one of my Winning Strategy for the UC Personal Insight Questions webinars, before you start writing your PIQ response.

Please note: 1) I offer a discount for low-income families (documentation or explanation of financial hardship required, please inquire for details); and 2) I am bringing on a Common App expert to help support my clients applying to those schools starting this year (everything is in place and we’re ready for the ED/EA deadlines).

Any Questions?