UC Application Hacked

No, not a hack to get into the UCs. People hacking into your UC Application to mess with you.

Someone passed along a story that supposedly came out of a Bay Area community college about a student’s UC Application been maliciously hacked and requests for application withdrawal sent to UC campuses. In order for that to occur, the perpetrator would have needed the UC Application ID, birthdate, birthplace, and possibly other personal information.

Most parents and students I have met are very casual about sharing application logins and passwords. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDN’T DO THAT! Guard your application login and password, and personal information (birthdate, birthplace, SS#, etc.), and ONLY share them with people you trust. Your school, counselor, and/or college admissions consultant should all have safeguards in place to keep your information secure. I never ask for passwords and only store client information on biometrically encrypted hard drives (yes, I’m that paranoid).

Given how far the perpetrator had gone (multiple, repeated requests), I’m inclined to say it was an isolated incident (someone out to get revenge). But the lessons we should all take away are 1) don’t make enemies who hate you that much; 2) safeguard your application logins, passwords, and other personal information; 3) make sure people you share your information with have safeguards in place to keep your information secure.

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