UC Application How-To Guide, Part IV: Application Fee Payment

This is the final installment of a four-part series. See Part I: Pick Your Major for how your choice of major may affect your application and chance of admission, Part II: Additional Comments for examples of information that should be included in the Additional Comments sections of your UC Application, and Part III: Personal Insight Questions Tricks for tips on how to quickly shorten and improve readability of your responses.

UC Application Fee Payment Options:

Online Payment

The UCs have outsourced the online payment processing to a third-party and the payment processing page integration is not quite perfect (the look and feel of the page is a little off; the URL will read “secureacceptance.cybersource.com/checkout” but there is no need to be alarmed, you are in the right place). There is a 20-minute time-out for the payment page, so make sure you have your credit card in front of you before you proceed. For online payment, you must pay by credit card (Visa, Master, AMEX, or Discover). If you realize that you are not ready to submit the application while on the payment processing page, do not panic, simply click “Cancel” to be returned to the UC Application “Billing Summary” page; this will not affect your ability to pay the application fee or submit the application at a later time.

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Payment by Mail

UCs strongly encourage you to pay by credit card (processed online), but you have the option to mail your payment (check or money order). To send payment by mail, select the “Check (by mail)” option on page 2 of Step 6 in the Review & Submit section. You should send the payment with a copy of the application receipt to the UC Application Center as soon as possible, after you submit the application online, to prevent any delay in the processing of your UC Application.

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Fee Waiver

To apply for a fee waiver, make sure you fill out “Family Size & Income” (Step 3 of the About You section) accurately and completely; the information you provide on that page is used to determine your eligibility for fee waiver and you can only apply for the fee waiver once during the current application cycle (you CANNOT go back to change the answer and apply for the fee waiver again). During the submission process, click “APPLY FOR A FEE WAIVER” (Step 6 of the Review & Submit section) and the system will automatically grant the fee waiver if you are eligible. If you decide you want to change the number of campuses to which you apply after you receive the fee waiver decision, you may make adjustments to the application. The fee waiver decision will remain valid until you submit the application.

The eligibility criteria for fee waiver are similar to the federal free/reduced price lunch program. The fee waiver is good for four UC campuses and you need to pay $70 for each additional campus above the four allowed. If you don’t qualify for the fee waiver, you may still use the College Board or EOPS fee waiver by selecting the “Check (by mail)” payment option and send the waiver with the application receipt to the UC Application Center. The same process works for special circumstances (recent job loss, death of primary income earner, etc.); just submit a letter with your receipt explaining your situation. Fee waiver may be granted for special circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

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