UC Admissions Website Redesign

The UCs launched a fully redesigned student-facing admissions website recently and NONE of the old links work now (the counselor-facing admissions website remains unchanged, but a bunch of old conference materials disappeared). I have updated ALL of the UC links on my website (on all of my static pages and blog posts; except for the disappeared conference materials), so you can use my site to reference the UC admissions links if necessary (in case you cannot find the new pages on your own and assuming you remember where the links are on my site).

A side note, the 2019 Quick Reference Guide to UC Admissions was just posted (make sure you update your bookmark for that too).

Below is just griping about the redesign.

In 2018 I forked out about $8k for my website redesign, partly to make sure all of my previous pages were correctly redirected after a site restructuring, so I wouldn’t have broken links. Even though my website redesign didn’t go very well, majority of the URL redirects do work so I’m finding it hard to believe that the UCs don’t have the personnel or technology to make something simple like proper URL redirection happen. In fact, the Admissions site redesign specifically states that none of the old links will work and that counselors are advised to update their bookmarks (I particularly enjoy the logic of making all of the counselors update their bookmarks when the UCs could’ve just implemented URL redirects; it’s tedious, but completely doable with a little time).

The new menu/navigation on the redesigned student-facing admissions website is a little bit better than before, so you should be able to find everything fairly quickly if you just need to build your bookmark list from scratch.

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