UC Regents to Vote on Tuition Increase This Week

The UCs will be voting on a tuition hike ($342) tomorrow (Wednesday, January 24, 2018). They are moving forward with the increase despite protests and widespread criticism (see a sample of them: Daily Cal Op-Ed and Daily Bruin Editorial), since they can do whatever they want (quite literally, there is absolutely zero oversight; the entire system is governed by the Regents, which does NOT have to report to the state).

This comes on the heels of the new CA state budget (released January 10, 2018), which gave the UCs a $184.7 million increase for the 2018-2019 year (the total funding for UC is just under $9 BILLION).

According to an LA Times article about the tuition increase, Governor Brown had explained that he believes the UCs “need a little more scrutiny over how they are spending things,” “lower the cost structure,” and “step up [to] more creatively engage in the process of making education more affordable.”

Now, keep in mind that California already gave $507 million to the UCs in 2015, plus another $125.4 million increase, and an additional $18.5 million for enrollment increase, in 2016, and a $146.7 million increase in 2017.

I agree with Governor Brown that the UCs need to better control their spending and stop digging into the pockets of students and parents. Ready to take action and demand accountability from the UCs? Contact your California legislators today!

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