Governor Newsom Rejected UC Tuition Increase

According to this LA Times article, Governor Newsom “rejected tuition increases this fall at the University of California and California State University but provided more higher education funds in his 2021-22 proposed budget” (“a 3% increase in base funding for UC and Cal State”).

In a previous LA Times article, majority of the UC chancellors across the system interviewed were in favor of raising tuition. However, the UC Board of Regents did NOT have the issue scheduled for discussion (tuition increase can only happen with Regents’ approval). What was interesting in that article was the detailed explanation of some of the financial issues the various UCs (Berkeley, Irvine, UCLA, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Cruz) have been facing and the measures they have put into place to handle them. Understanding the financial well-being of the individual UC campuses may help inform your college plans later.

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