Transcripts are Due at Your UC on July 1!

The deadline for official, final transcript(s) is July 1 at your UC campus. If you haven’t already done so, submit a transcript request form to your school(s) now (keep in mind that UCs prefer electronic transcripts but each campus has a list of specific vendors from whom they accept electronic transcripts.). If applicable, choose the “hold for final grades” option on your transcript request(s) to ensure grades from the current term are included.

For freshman admits, UCs will accept “pass along credits” for U.S. high schools, so an official, final transcript from the high school where you are graduating is sufficient even if you have changed schools (provided that your current high school has documented ALL of your course credits on your transcript). However, if you have attended high school outside of the U.S., have taken high school courses NOT documented on your current high school transcript, have taken courses from any online/virtual high schools (even if those courses were documented on your current high school transcript), and/or have taken any community college courses, you must send separate, official transcript from each of those institutions.

For transfer admits, each college you attended must send an official, final transcript to your UC campus. Some community college districts automatically send consolidated transcripts; if that is the case, keep track and make sure every college you have attended is included.

If you have reported AP or other test scores on your UC Application, they are due at your UC campus on July 15. If you registered for and took AP exams this school year, you get one free score report that you can send through My AP, provided that you make the request online by June 20, 2023; otherwise, request your score report to be sent by following the instructions here.

Note that UCs do NOT share transcripts or score reports; if you sent official transcripts and/or score reports to your backup UC and you later enroll at a different UC because you were admitted from the waitlist or appeal, you MUST request official transcripts and/or official score reports to be sent to the new UC campus.

Make sure that your documents are received at your UC campus by keeping a close eye on your UC online account and updating your email address with the UC campus if you change it. Remember, numerous admission offers are canceled due to missing documents each year! (The other reason is usually poor grades during the last year/term; see the cancellation numbers I have compiled.) While most UCs have a grace period for transcripts to arrive, make a request yourself (or ask your school to contact the UC campus) for an extension if you know the official transcript will be late.

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