Applying as a Freshman Applicant After Withdrawing From a 4-Year College

I got several inquiries from students about applying as a freshman applicant after withdrawing from a 4-year college during the first semester (so the only college record is a set of W’s). I checked with UCOP and the official answer is, YES, you can apply as a freshman applicant provided that 1) you didn’t receive a grade of any kind (not even Not Pass or No Credit) AND 2) you have met ALL UC eligibility requirements before high school graduation.

You will need to report the college you attended and the W’s in the Academic History section, and address why you withdrew from the 4-year college (either in the Personal Insight Questions or the Additional Comments). Clearly explain why you had to withdraw will help the admissions office better understand your situation.

Keep in mind that just because you CAN apply, doesn’t mean you will be competitive for admission or be admitted; make sure you figure out a backup plan (you CANNOT enroll in community college meanwhile since that will change your status to transfer applicant).

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