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Find resources on my website or work with me to gain a competitive advantage for admission to your top choice UC campus. Over the past eight years, my clients were two to five times more likely to be admitted to a UC of their choice than the average applicant. Explore my website and discover the secrets of YOUR successful admission to the UC of your choice!

My success rate

2-D line chart comparing admit rates of Ms. Sun's students to the overall admit rates of Berkeley and UCLA between Fall 2017 and Fall 2024
“I wanted to let you know your blog has been absolutely invaluable to me during this frequently confusing process, so thank you for providing all this information for free! I’m a transfer student who has gotten into all the UCs I’ve applied to so far, and I don’t think my application would have been as strong if I hadn’t had your blog as a resource. You’re the best!”
M. – April 19, 2024
“You really know your stuff and your blog is full of the best UC information.”
J. (parent) – April 17, 2024
“I wanted to thank you for your site, in particular the Summer Programs section. Thanks to your site, we learned about the California State Summer School for the Arts (which we’ll look into next year) and the KGI Summer Programs. We wouldn’t have known about either of these if it weren’t for your site. So for that, we are quite grateful.”
P. (parent) – March 31, 2024
“Just wanted to thank you for posting all of this important information. The predictions for decision dates were spot on and very helpful. My son was able to check his portal on the day even before he was emailed to see if he got in. We appreciate it a lot!”
J. (parent) – March 21, 2024
“I am very grateful and thankful for your reply and your website. I’ve followed your website for my process when applying to UCB, UCLA, UCSD, and UCD, and even though I didn’t take any help or paid course directly, I am still very thankful for the help you have given many students around the world with the information you provided for free on your website!”
R. – March 4, 2024

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