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Find resources on my website or work with me to gain a competitive advantage for admission to your top choice UC campus. Over the past eight years, my clients were two to three times more likely to be admitted to a UC of their choice than the average applicant. Explore my website and discover the secrets of YOUR successful admission to the UC of your choice!

My success rate

2-D line chart comparing admit rates of Ms. Sun's students to the overall admit rates of Berkeley and UCLA between Fall 2014 and Fall 2021
“I wish Ms. Sun was around to coach me through my UC application in the 90’s as a first generation immigrant high schooler. Even now as a fairly well informed parent, your advice was really helpful since so much has changed in UC application process. Your expertise was invaluable helping my child through her UC application process. Thanks to you she will be attending Cal this year.”
S. (parent) – March 29, 2021

“I find you an invaluable resource to whomever is interested in surviving the college admission process. Your information and advice is so comprehensive and well executed. Anyone who has followed your blog can tell you are immersed in the college (especially UC) admissions universe and I feel you have no peer. The help and advice which you have provided my family and I over the past 3 years during two of my son’s successful UC college admissions has been a godsend. My wife and I have felt VERY SUPPORTED by you in our low times of college denials and our triumphant times as our sons were eventually admitted. I wouldn’t change a thing you do Ms. Sun other than find a way to clone yourself.”
A. (parent) – June 20, 2020

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