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Find resources on my website or work with me to gain a competitive advantage for admission to your top choice UC campus. Over the past eight years, my clients were two to five times more likely to be admitted to a UC of their choice than the average applicant. Explore my website and discover the secrets of YOUR successful admission to the UC of your choice!

My success rate

2-D line chart comparing admit rates of Ms. Sun's students to the overall admit rates of Berkeley and UCLA between Fall 2015 and Fall 2022
“I emailed you before, and you graciously answered my questions in timely manner. Thank you!! As we were waiting for the admission results, your blogs helped us a lot. Thank you again!!! I’ve been telling others about your blogs. It would be so helpful to read them as the students start high school. Thank you again for your knowledge, willingness to help and your professionalism.”
A. (parent) – June 8, 2022
“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I am a single mom who found your website after my son was denied entry to all but UCSC in 2020…. It was devastating, as I had sacrificed so much to move to get him a good eduction at a great high school so he could go to a UC for college. His high school counselor told him about the TAG program. And then I found your website while researching it. The wealth of information you have provided on your website has served as a guiding resource for me in what is a very complex system. The information, data, statistics and guidance has been invaluable to me in our attempts to navigate a second chance for him to get in. Today he was accepted to his dream school, UCSD, as a transfer. He also was accepted to the other UCs he applied for- no denials this time around. But today was the highlight. I have you to thank for part of that. You will never know how impactful your site and efforts have been in our journey. Sincerest gratitude and thanks to you.”
C. (parent) – April 29, 2022
“You are a deep well of knowledge about UC admissions, and you inspire me to be a better consultant, push myself and my students to persist, and set high expectations. You are an absolute treasure, Ms. Sun!”
L. (Certified Educational Planner) – April 4, 2022
“I suddenly felt the need to thank you again for being such an important part of our profession. Your knowledge and generosity are astonishing, and we are all a little smarter and a little better because of you.”
J. (Certified Educational Planner) – April 3, 2022

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