Colleges Still Accepting Applications for Fall 2022 (Partial List)

Update for high school seniors (3/29/2022):

Below are some guaranteed backup options if you are still looking for a four-year college for Fall 2022 (alphabetical by state).

University of Idaho

2.6 unweighted GPA (also the threshold for not having to submit test scores) and completion of A-G will satisfy the academic core admissions requirements and, although not explicitly stated in writing, admission is practically guaranteed (according the admission officer I spoke with). California students will also automatically qualify for WUE (discounted out-of-state tuition) for Fall 2022. Application is still open and you can apply through the Common App or to the university directly.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Admission is guaranteed for students who meet ONE of the Performance Requirements (3.0 GPA is one of them) AND Core Course Requirements (similar to A-G and align with most California high school graduation requirements). Students can typically expect admission decision within 48 hours after filing the application (if all requirements are met). Application is still open and you can apply here for free with this application fee waiver code.

New Mexico State University

Students with a 2.75 cumulative GPA are automatically admitted. Application is still open and you can apply here for free with these instructions.

Original post (3/4/2022):

Looking to bulk up your college choices for Fall 2022? There are plenty of 4-year colleges that are still accepting applications!

The Regional Admission Counselors of California (RACC) just put out its Space Availability Report 2022 (scroll down to “OPEN APPLICATION REPORT”). These are mostly out-of-state colleges that are interested in recruiting California students; many have rolling admission and offer merit scholarships (GPA requirements vary).

For further information about each college, including the most up-to-date availability and deadline, check with the “University Contact(s) for California Students” listed in the report (“Contact E-mail Address” is in the next column).

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