Webinar – Options/Strategies After Unfavorable UC Admission Decisions

Concerned about being placed on waitlist? Contemplating about appealing your admission decision? Looking for a backup plan? Learn what options are available to high school seniors after unfavorable UC admission decisions, including strategies for the UC waitlist/appeal, transfer from community college or another UC/4-year college, pitfalls to avoid when reapplying, how a gap year affects UC admission, and resources to locate colleges that are still accepting applications, with my recorded webinar today ($49; on the PayPal payment confirmation page, scroll down and click “Return to Merchant” button to receive recording access information)! Sign up now and get the information you need to help you make an informed decision on how to move forward.

Just need some general guidance to get started? Check out UC Freshman Waitlist and Appeal – Everything You Need To Know for a complete list of waitlist and appeal resources available on my website.

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