UCSD Supplemental Questionnaire

Sounds like UCSD is sending out supplemental questionnaires. Below are response guideline and fee-based service information.

DIY San Diego Supplemental Questionnaire Response Guideline

Make sure you take the time to carefully think through and respond to the question. This is likely the final piece of information UCSD needs to make the admission decision.

UCSD did not consistently use supplemental questionnaires every year and when the campus did issue them, the questions were different each year. This year I have only heard of one question so far:

Are there any personal circumstances such as employment, family responsibilities or illness that have significantly hampered your ability to achieve academically thus far? How do you feel these circumstances have prepared you to overcome any personal challenges that might occur while at UCSD?

If you received this questionnaire, you likely disclosed some circumstances that affected your grades and/or test scores in your UC Application. UCSD is looking for you to quantify how your circumstances affected your grades and/or test scores in your response. This is not an opportunity for you to complain about your fate or everyone who has wronged you. Rather, you need to objectively explain (i.e., base your explanation on facts) any obstacles in your life and correlate how those obstacles prevented you from achieving your full academic potential. Most importantly, you must explain how your experiences (whether enduring or overcoming these obstacles) have transformed you into someone who is not afraid of challenges and capable of tackling obstacles, however difficult, head on when you encounter them in college.

If you have not received your fall grades, you should still fill out the grade report form but enter the grades as IP or in-progress.

Good luck!

Supplemental Questionnaire Service

If you require prompt, step-by-step guidance on completing your UCSD supplemental questionnaire, sign up for my Supplemental Questionnaire Service and I will review your UC Application to determine potential triggers, help you generate response ideas, walk you through answering each question and proofread your response before you submit it.

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