UC TOEFL Evaluation Practices

UCs recently sent out a notice regarding the changes to the TOEFL iBT exam and stated that the changes will not affect how the UCs evaluate TOEFL scores. However, I want to point out that the UCs will not consider a new feature of the TOEFL, which is the superscore, and that students reporting TOEFL on their UC Application should NOT report a superscore.

Below is the complete notice (I bolded the relevant sections, please review them carefully); you can also find a copy of the notice on the UC website here.

TOEFL iBT changes do not affect UC practices

The Educational Testing Service recently announced modifications to its internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT) exam, which is one of the English proficiency exams UC accepts from students who are/were educated outside of the U.S. The changes include:

  • Shortened test time (3 hours instead of 3-1/2 hours)
  • New score reporting feature called MyBest score which reports a “super-score” for the student.

While these enhancements are significant for test takers, they will have no impact on current UC practices.

  • UC will continue to require a minimum score of 80 on the TOEFL iBT, though many campuses expect a much higher score for selection purposes.
  • UC will continue to accept only the highest total score from a single test date;
    • MyBest super-score will not be considered
    • Students may not report the super-score on their UC application. This is consistent with our policy against super-scoring for the ACT/SAT tests.
  • UC will continue to accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in lieu of TOEFL.

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