UC Released New Transfer Waitlist/Appeal Info (Fall 2018)

The most recent transfer waitlist/appeal update reflects a change in appeal deadline for Berkeley (from May 15 to June 1; although if you log into your MAP@Berkeley portal, as of May 6, 2018, the appeal instructions still state May 15 as the deadline) and provides approximate waitlist and appeal decision release timeline.

Not sure what to do about your waitlist statement and/or appeal? I have many resources available to help you figure this out! Start with my UC Transfer Waitlist Information + Waitlist Statement Guideline and UC Transfer Appeal Guide, both link to additional resources, including my YouTube videos, to help you navigate the waitlist and appeal processes.

Are you wavering about whether you should appeal? Attend my UC Transfer Waitlist & Appeal webinars TODAY (5/6) or Thursday (5/10) at 9 PM PDT to learn about how the appeal process works and what you can best do to boost your chance of being admitted from appeal. Tickets are $25 and space is limited! Sign up now!

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May 17 at 10:05 AM

Do you have any information on UCLA appeals? The first wave of decisions (denials) was released the end of April. Then additional decisions (denials) were released Friday 5/11/2018. I was told on the 11th all appeals were denied but my son as of today have not received a decision. You would think if UCLA were not accepting any appeals, what is the delay in releasing the decisions!!!

Ms. Sunreply
May 19 at 06:05 PM
– In reply to: Hope

My guess is that UCLA is waiting to see if it loses any SIRs to other colleges (those are hard to predict). Given the way the decisions have been released, I would say it’s probably good news that your son’s decision is still pending.

May 22 at 01:05 PM

I was accepted in Berkeley as a transfer and they’re asking for my high school transcript along with my college transcripts, is this normal because on the website they posted it says berkeley doesnt require high school transcripts.

Ms. Sunreply
May 22 at 01:05 PM
– In reply to: Henry

There are a few instances where Berkeley would ask for your high school transcript. For example, if you don’t have IGETC and used high school foreign language to fulfill the L&S FL requirements, you will need to produce proof (which would be your high school transcript). I don’t know what your situation is, so I cannot tell why Berkeley asked. If you are concerned or if you are unable to obtain your official high school transcript by the deadline, you should contact your assigned Berkeley admission officer (contact information would be in your MAP@Berkeley portal).

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