Changes to UC Freshman Waitlist/Appeal + Some Earlier Deadlines

Looks like some UCs made changes to the processes and deadlines for the waitlist and appeal this year. You can find some of the information in the Fall 2023 Freshman Waitlist and Appeal Information Fact Sheet. Below is what I know so far.

Davis has removed the required waitlist statement. There is a “grade update form” that should be completed by those opting in onto the waitlist.

San Diego has moved the appeal deadline to March 31 (source).

Santa Cruz always had an earlier deadline for both waitlist opt-in and appeal:

  • Freshman waitlist opt-in deadline is March 22, 2023 (source).
  • Freshman appeal deadline is March 31, 2023 (source; freshman applicants who were offered waitlist option CANNOT appeal at this time).

For campuses that have a simple or one-click waitlist opt-in process, no additional information will be considered.

I have appeal DIY resources on YouTube: Understanding How the UC Appeal and Waitlist Process Works & How to Compose Your UC Appeal. I also have an appeal template to help you organize your appeal.

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March 21, 2023 at 1:07 pm

Hi Ms. Sun,

I have concern regarding UCB L&S CS admission. It is not released yet but according this Youtube video,, there is only 100 CS-intended first year admits for 2022-2023.

My question: did UCB post anything about the number before students filling the application? If not then it is obviously unfair to those who applied L&S CS
this year (360+ students were admitted last year).

Can students do anything now to deal with this situation?


Ms. Sunreply
March 21, 2023 at 1:29 pm
– In reply to: Sean

Berkeley announced a change to the major declaration process on August 24, 2022, which affected CS in L&S. I posted an update on my blog on the same day (here). The information was sent out by Berkeley to counselors (or pretty much anyone) who signed up to receive the updates.

You can potentially consult your attorney on any gross negligence on the part of your school counselor (for not giving you this information or not trying harder to make sure you read the information that was given to you), gross negligence on the part of Berkeley (for not confirming you received this information or not trying harder to make sure you read the information that was given to you), gross negligence of anyone who worked with you (such as consultants, for not knowing about this or not making sure you knew about this). After that, your attorney can tell you exactly how much it will cost to sue and then you can give up.

You can also reflect on why you didn’t find out about this (or didn’t understand what this meant but didn’t ask anyone for help when you learned about it) when the information was readily available in August (there was a page set up on the Berkeley admissions website with this information), well before the UC Application submission cycle opened in October (but I completely understand that some people don’t like to self-reflect or self-improve, so feel free to skip this step).

March 21, 2023 at 3:35 pm

Hi Ms. Sun,

Thank you very much for your help.

Ms. Sunreply
March 21, 2023 at 4:05 pm
– In reply to: Sean

My pleasure. My best wishes to you and good luck!

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