February 2018 UC Counselors and Advisers Bulletin

From the UC Counselors and Advisers Bulletin – February 2018, received on February 13, 2018:

UC admission decisions will be released soon!

Campuses will release their admission decisions for fall 2018 beginning in early March (a limited number of decisions will be released in February). All freshman admission decisions will be released by March 31, and all transfer decisions will be released by April 30. Each campus has its own notification schedule, so please refer to the document linked below for campus-specific timelines.

view decision timelines by campus

Note from Ms. Sun: I am gathering information on specific decision dates and I should have them posted within the next two weeks.

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Admission Data Resources for Counselors

UC appreciates the work you do in helping students prepare, apply, and decide on colleges and universities to attend. To support your advising efforts and provide feedback on undergraduate outcomes for your students, UC’s Institutional Research & Academic Planning (IRAP) department has compiled the following resources for high school and community college counselors. Please click the links below to access the data tools:

  • Fall 2017 CCC Enrollment provides information on the number of California community college (CCC) students who enrolled at UC and at individual campuses by community college.
  • Undergraduate Admissions by School Source provides information on high schools or community colleges and also provides data by average GPA to give insight on what students need to be competitive in the UC applicant pool.
  • Transfers by Major provides detailed transfer admission data, including GPA data by major, campus and community college. This resource also provides data trends on applications, admits, and enrollment to majors, including the UC Transfer Pathways.
  • Undergraduate Persistence and Graduation Rates is a new data tool that offers first year retention and graduation rate data for freshman and transfer students by entry high school and community college. This tool informs counselors on how well their students do once they enroll at UC and on each of the UC campuses.

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Financial aid deadline approaching

The priority deadline for students to submit their FAFSA or Dream Act Application and Cal Grant GPA Verification Form is March 2. For daily updates, tips and reminders, follow @UC_Apply on Twitter!

more on paying for UC

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UC Scout offers online college prep classes FREE to California public schools and students

UC Scout recently completed a major expansion of free online A-G courses that enable students anywhere in the state to access the classes they need to meet freshman admission subject requirements and be competitive for college.

UC Scout now offers a total of 65 state-of-the-art courses, including the full range of A-G requirements for admission to CSU and UC, along with 26 Advanced Placement courses.

Schools can use UC Scout to help students get needed credits, make up a class they missed or failed, or accelerate study in an area where they excel. The program also offers a ready-to-go curriculum that can augment class offerings for schools that don’t otherwise have the funds, credentialed teachers, or the demand to provide.

The platform can be used by schools to launch in-person or online classes using their own teachers, or have students work through the material as independent study. For a small fee, students can also enroll in select courses taught by a California credentialed teacher provided by UC Scout.

Created by UC faculty, California teachers, instructional designers and digital artists, the courses are A-G, NCAA and College Board approved, and fully aligned to state and national standards. UC Scout is a WASC-accredited program.

Learn more about Scout

Note from Ms. Sun: I excluded Scout from my list of UC-approved online schools because some parents have complained about difficulties with setting up their kids for the classes. (To provide some background: parents and students who have contacted me have often complained about their high school counselors’ unwillingness to give approval for outside classes. From what I can remember, UC Scout required the high school to issue the grades and notate the classes on the high school transcript, which means students/parents must obtain approval from the high school counselor before proceeding. Other online high schools, specifically the ones on my list, will issue separate transcripts and students can bypass their school counselor and take classes without approval.) Given the recent expansion, I will take another look at the enrollment process and update my list if appropriate.

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