UC Clarification on Going Test-Optional

My dear friend, Dr. Steven Mercer (my teacher and mentor throughout my time completing the UCSD Extension Specialized Certificate in College Counseling program), recently interviewed Lisa Prsekop, the director of admissions at UCSB, on moving the college application and admission process online during COVID-19. Find the interview below.

During the interview, Lisa Prsekop shared how UCSB is creatively reaching out to students during the pandemic, clarified some misconceptions about “demonstrated interest” (applicable to all UCs), explained what going test-optional means for the students and the admissions staff (applicable to all UCs), and commented on what Fall 2020 may look like (UCSB has since released its Fall 2020 plan; find that and the plans at other UCs here).

You can find the official UC announcement on going test-optional and my recommendations on how to cope here.

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