UC Application Deadline Extended

Due to “connection issues” yesterday (November 29, 2021), the UC Application deadline has been extended to 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on December 1 (translation: Wednesday night, just before midnight). The information is posted on the UC Application login page and on the official UC Application twitter account.

Now that you have a bit more time, find resources you need to improve your freshman or transfer application and gain a competitive edge!

Before you submit the UC Application, go over it thoroughly by clicking on the “Print version” button on the “Review & submit” page to see the entire application. Ask a parent, a guardian, your counselor, or a teacher to look through everything to catch errors you may have missed. Keep in mind that you cannot initiate the submission process until status indicators for all sections are showing “completed” (a check mark instead of “To do”).

If you already submitted the UC Application, log back in and review your submitted application to make sure there were no errors (for couple years, the application system scrambled the “Academic history” section of some students). Contact the UC Application Center if your submitted application does not match the information you entered or if you catch any mistakes in the “Academic history” section.

If you have follow-up questions after you submitted the UC Application, hold off until mid-December to contact me. I will also post something by mid-December that should address most of the post-submission questions.

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