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Court Orders UCs to be Test-Blind Effective Immediately

Effective immediately, the UCs are banned from using standardized test scores for admission and scholarship decisions.


College Board Discontinued SAT Subject Tests

College Board has discontinued SAT Subject Tests in the United States effective immediately.


Find Other Test-Optional Colleges!

Now that the UCs are test-optional/blind, consider applying to other test-optional/flexible colleges and stop stressing out about the ACT/SAT!


UCs Dropping ACT/SAT Requirement (and what you should do)

Find out how the UCs plan to phase out the ACT/SAT requirement and what you should do in response.


Overview of Freshman Admission

UC Freshman Admission Overview All the freshman admission information available on my website is organized along the main criteria that the UCs consider: academic performance and extracurricular achievement. I also provide campus-specific admission information, a general application timeline, as well as information on financial aid and other resources. Academic Preparation Academic Preparation reviews the UC…