UCSC Freshman Waitlist & Appeal (Early!) Deadlines

If you are thinking about opting in onto the waitlist or appealing your UC Santa Cruz decision, keep in mind the campus has earlier deadlines than the rest of the UCs:

  • Freshman waitlist opt-in deadline is TODAY – March 21, 2022 (you must log into your MyUCSC portal to accept the waitlist offer).
  • Freshman appeal deadline is March 31, 2022 (appeal instructions; freshman applicants who were offered waitlist option CANNOT appeal).

Appeal Guideline

Follow the UCSC appeal instructions closely to ensure proper and expedited processing of your appeal submission. Failure to comply with the instructions from the campus may result in dismissal of your appeal. The appeal instructions also explain the factors considered when UCSC is reviewing your appeal.

Remember, telling the admissions officers they made a huge mistake is not going to help your case. For your appeal to have merit, you must prove that you are a much stronger candidate than what was presented in your application. Specifically, you must present new and compelling information that was not previously available to the admissions office. Keep in mind that when UCSC asks for “new and compelling information,” the campus is asking for information not previously available to the admissions office (not necessarily information that is recent; in fact, recent developments are generally not considered as “new and compelling information”).

If you had left out extraordinary hardships and/or exceptional talent/extracurricular activities on your original UC Application, discuss the missing information in the appeal as reasons for UCSC to reconsider you for admission. Make sure you describe exactly how the hardships prevented you from achieving academic success and what you did to overcome those obstacles and/or how the exceptional talent/extracurricular activities made you well qualified for UCSC. The objective of the appeal should be why you will be a great addition to UCSC and how you expect to excel in college (and what resources at UCSC you intend to utilize in order to succeed). Avoid badmouthing anyone or any institutions (high school, community college, other UCs, etc.) and do NOT brag about the other colleges that have made admission offers to you (UCSC will happily wish you a great college experience at those colleges – yes, they actually said that). Be concise and don’t exaggerate or try to be dramatic (think of this more as presenting evidence in court and not so much as being on reality TV). Follow through with a backup plan in case the decision is not reversed.

Here are some DYI resources (YouTube videos) I have put together to help you with your appeal: Understanding How the UC Appeal and Waitlist Process Works & How to Compose Your UC Appeal. I also have an appeal template you can download to help you organize your thoughts and formulate your UCSC appeal.

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